Star 149 foto

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Фотосессия спортивная. Тренировка, растяжка, хореография.   Sports photo session. Training, stretching, choreography.

11 reviews for Star 149 foto

  1. Martin Pale

    Rando (verified owner)

    Anfisa is amazing in this set.

  2. kevin (verified owner)

    Another beautiful set. Anfisa looks truly amazing in Allstar Couture❤💯

  3. Phillip Mosley

    Phillip Mosley (verified owner)

    This set is amazing 👏

  4. ceroc corec

    ceroc ceroc (verified owner)

    Anfisa is so gorgeous! Im happy to have spent my money.

    • Inna Ряжкина


      Thanks. Our inspiration depends on you.

  5. Michael Fernandez

    Michael Fernand

    The set is too incredible, it goes beyond the known beauty, she is an Angel truly fallen from heaven, it is a work of art. Very happy to buy the set

  6. Andrew Bell

    Andrew Bell (verified owner)

    Absolutely breathtaking! What a great set, bravo.

  7. Graham Osby

    Graham Osby (verified owner)

    Gorgeous set! Anfisa is perfect!

  8. J A K

    jak0079 (verified owner)

    I purchase this set, I clicked on download but the photos are broken?

    • Inna Ряжкина


      At the moment, you have uploaded photos 4 times. I hope you’re all right?

  9. Lee Roy

    How much does this gallery cost in USD? I don’t know the translation.

    • Inna Ряжкина


      prices in rubles. one dollar is equal to approximately 75 rubles.

  10. Chun Kwong Leung

    Chun Kwong Leung (verified owner)

    Good quality photos! Will support again for other sets!

  11. Randy Daye Jr

    Randy Daye Jr

    Photos won’t download

    • Inna Ряжкина


      I have all this working fine. I just checked it out

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