200 K. 208 Fotoo

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5 000руб.



New photo shoot made in honor of 200k on instagram. Silver combidress with a hood and silver ballet flats with a diamond mesh.

10 reviews for 200 K. 208 Fotoo

  1. Me 3

    Sixbysix (verified owner)

    Cute in a onesie, treating her fans

  2. Roberto Pina

    Roberto Pina

    I have bought sponsor but cannot open anything

    • Inna Ряжкина


      Write to me on instagram and immediately specify your registration name on the site.

  3. Justin Butler

    Justin Butler

    Wow looks great good job!

  4. Laval Gagnon

    Laval Gagnon (verified owner)

    If you have to buy one set, this is the one!!! 💯👍♥️🥰

  5. Daniel Skinny

    Daniel Skinny


  6. daboo daboo

    daboo daboo

    i bought sponsor but cannot open anything

    • Inna Ряжкина


      Please check again. If it works then tell me. I’ll reset your password. or write in a telegram //t.me/InessaSSS

  7. Rodney Bryant

    Rodney Bryant (verified owner)

    I can only contact here
    The pictures are blurry

  8. Hipólito Vermute

    Hipólito Vermute

    I also have the problem of purchased the last photoshoot and didnt get nothing but the invoices and its impossible contacting on your telegram, please help me.

    • Inna Ряжкина


      write to me in telegram. //t.me/InessaSSS You can also write to Instagram

  9. M M

    M M

    How tall she is?

    • Inna Ряжкина


    • 160 см
  • Jegors Kucins

    Jegors Kucins (verified owner)

    Hi. Just made a payment. How can I get the access? Thanks

    • Inna Ряжкина


      You must get access through your personal account or on your mail.

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